We’re an online rental company and Our services let you rent Automotive essentials like Cars, Bikes and Automotive gear at affordable prices. Renting is IN, and you too can join the revolution by making the smart choice with TheRoadRange.
We’re currently operational in two cities: Chandigarh & Jalandhar.
Yes, there is a minimum renting period of 1 Day. The period can be extended further by contacting us. We don’t charge anything for contract extension. For more information on the same, you can contact our customer care. We are always happy to help you 🙂
The initial point from where you picked the bike will be your droping point.
In case if one is unable to drop at initial point EXTRA chargers will be leived depending on the distance and time(day/night)
You can Rent a Car or Bike from Two Locations : Chandigarh or Jalandhar. The 1 Day Rent or 250Km which ever is charged on per day basis.
Damage which makes the Car & Bike functionally unusable is chargeable. The amount will be decided by TheRoadRange on a case to case basis. Normal wear and tear which does not cause functional damage to the car and bike due to usage is absolutely free.